Pakistan’s only Profiles Neutralized from Chemicals, Human Friendly, 100% Safe to Touch
Imported Billet

Chawla Aluminium uses superior quality imported, 6 meters length and 7 inch diameter billet, made of alloy 6063. The Billet is internationally acclaimed Aluminium raw material meeting standards of quality Aluminium profiles. These are homogenized, and 100% ultrasonically inspected billets. This ingenuity and technical expertise is what highlights our unique presence among our competitors. This distinctive feature enables us to produce profiles at any scale in a time efficient manner.
Hot Log Furnace Integrated with Hot Log Shear

Chawla Aluminium is the only Aluminium manufacturing industry in Pakistan, which is using PLC controlled furnace integrated with hot log shear technology. This furnace is equipped with three thermal dynamic stages, which are controlled by a PLC to sustain the uniformity of heat and alloy composition.

Extrusion Press Process

Chawla Aluminium uses front-loading automatic short stroke, most modern extrusion German technology from Schloemann. Extrusion is controlled by touch screen PLC system from Siemens Japan.  

This short stroke technology helps to reduce reloading time of billet less than 15 seconds to maintain heat uniformity as well as strength of all profiles. To make the process fast, more accurate in temperature and strength, Chawla is using 1880 tonns biggest extrusion plant in Pakistan, which makes it possible for us to extrude up to 178 mm size profiles.

Quality Standards

Our manufacturing is done in accordance with BS – 1474, AS TM – B221, BS – 3987. The aluminium sections are anodized according to “ American Architectural Manufacturing Association “ (AAMA). Anodize specification 611 -98, Class 1 as follows:  

·   Film thickness - 0.7 mils
·   Coating Density – 38g/inch

Product Line:

·   Aluminium Extruded Rods
·   Aluminium Extruded Tubes
·   Aluminium Extruded Bars
·   Aluminium Extruded profiles
·   Aluminium Composite Panels For Building Facades
·   Powder Coating
·   Anodizing
·   Billet Casting
·   Customized Die Making

Most Modern Short Stroke German Extrusion Technology
Front Loading Die Ovens

Chawla adopted the front-loading die oven technology for safe and speedy operations. PLC controlled sensors are used to maintain temperature stabilization. It is a very critical process for high standard extrusion speed and Chawla industry has acquired excellence in this arena of their job.

Automatic Pulling and Cutting

To ensure the straightening of profiles, a touch screen PLC controlled puller and auto cutter is used. This is an important achievement of Chawla Aluminium industry. The state of the art puller pulls the profile as far as the required size is achieved. It automatically transfers extruded profiles to the cooling table from where it is further transferred to the automatic stretching table.

Stretching Table

Chawla uses automatic stretching system for straightening profiles. We realize that Straightening Aluminium profile is a very vital process. Having a great focus on precision of this process, Chawla Aluminium uses built in computerized camera controlled censors for straightening. This ensures no error in production line.

Finish Saw

Chawla uses automatic finish saw to reduce human inaccuracy. It is the standardized way to help maximize the effectiveness of profile because it keeps the edges of profile smooth. The Saw allows cutting of every profile in high precision.

Aging Process

By using German T^ heating technology, every profile achieves PLC controlled hardness up to 15. This is how Chawla maintains international standards.

Anodizing Process

To protect Aluminium profiles from corrosion, a layer of ions is applied on the surface. This process is known as Electrolyses. It is considered the best process for the protection of the surface of Aluminium profile. Chawla Aluminium is using an APC controlled rectifier from ELCA Italy for this process. APC automatically controls the desired deposition of required microns for a scratch free smooth surface. This system also enables us to get the vast range of microns from 12-90.
Neutralization Plant

Many acids are used during anodizing process. As these acids may be harmful, Chawla Aluminium took a pioneer decision to bring and install a neutralization plant for the first time in Pakistan. After precision anodizing, every profile is carefully & scientifically rinsed. All acidic effects are properly neutralized to make every profile clean and human friendly. We strongly claim that every product of Chawla Aluminium is 100% safe to touch.

High Quality eco Friendly Chemicals & solutions

All chemical solutions utilized during production in Chawla Aluminium are imported from Europe. The chemicals are 100% environmental friendly and do not contain harmful substances.
Profiles Handling

The most high-tech technology I used at Chawla Aluminium when it comes to stacking and packing. This is an important step in Aluminium industry. A state of the art machine is imported to wrap the profiles to keep them scratch less and glowing. A minute error in packing can ruin the quality of the profiles. We dedicate our effort at this stage to maintain quality and ensure safety of the profiles. All handling is supervised by a skilled team of professionals to ensure 100% unmatched quality.
Die Workshop

Chawla Aluminium has a dedicated die development department equipped with ARD wire cut machine. This department comprises of specialist product designers and engineers who are capable not only to replicate customer’s designs but their impeccable creativity helps us create innovative designs for export and local markets. Chawla Aluminium recognizes the value of aesthetics in life and hence satisfies our customers in this arena too.

Power Generation

Another outstanding strength of Chawla Aluminium is, the most modern in- house power generation plant that helps us to cater all of our energy needs. Our power generation allows all time dependable and uninterrupted power supply. Our current capacity of this strength is 3 mega watts which is dynamically enough to meet our requirements to accomplish the supplies of any mega project.
Waste Water Treatment plant

At Chawla, we take special measures to make sure that no environmentally unacceptable effluence is discarded into the environment. Our inimitable contribution is wastewater management. We make sure that the water we drain out is free of contaminants, solid waste, oil, grease acids, alkalis and other toxic materials such as arsenic or other metals. Special consideration is given to make sure that our process is environment friendly. This whole process is possible through our most modern wastewater treatment plant.
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